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Elliotts of Oxford

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Pate de Fruit

A dazzling selection of Fruit Jellies made from the finest fruit concentrate without artificial colouring or flavouring to brighten an after dinner Petit Four selection.

Pate de Fruit Cubes

Pate de Fruit Cubes

Assorted flavours:

Apple, Passion Fruit, Strawberry

Code: 13.44.0569

3.5kg (320 pieces)

Single Flavours available:

Apple 13.44.0566

Blackcurrant 13.44.0577

Cherry 13.44.0574

Lemon 13.44.0576

Lychee 13.44.0579

Mandarin 13.44.0578

Pear 13.44.0575




Pate de Fruit Squares

Pate de Fruit Squares

Assorted flavours:

Apple 13.44.0582

Blackcurrant 13.44.0584

Strawberry 13.44.0574

1 x 288 pieces