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Elliotts of Oxford

Our Product Ranges

Picture Tins

An absolutely terrific range of products.  Perfect as a Guest Amenity for a gift that your guests are sure to take home – why not place the tins in cars when they are returned to your guests?  Ideal also for Meeting and Events or Mini Bars.  All the tins have a picture image label of your choice affixed to the lid and an information label affixed to the base.

Hinged Lid Pocket Tin

Hinged Lid Pocket Tin

with Personalised label and filled with 50g Peppermints or Jelly Beans

96 x 60 x 20mm


Round Leisure Tin

Round Leisure Tin

with Personalised label, filled with 30g Jelly Beans, Peppermints or Rhubarb & Custard Mini Boiled Sweets.

60mm Diameter.

Peppermints 59.00.0107A

Rhubarb and Custard 59.000107B

Rosy Apples 59.00.0107C

Round Travel Tin

Round Travel Tin

with Personalised label filled with 150g Fruit Drops.

100mm diameter